Game crashed between map switch and lost truck

I was playing with my friend in coop , we went from Smithville Dam to Island Lake and between the map during the loading the game crash . When i restarted my game , the truck was nowhere to be found . Not in my retain vehicle , not in my garage , nowhere on the map ... it vanished from the face of the earth . I'd like to have my truck back ... maybe a "admin" or someone can give it back to me or instruct me on how to have my money back or my truck back . It was a International Paystar 5070 with a couple of mod on it 😕

Happened to me as well. All progress lost after playing coop, host crashed and I was booted and now only see self as rank 1... was rank 9, almost 10. Am so mad.


Same with me but all progress lost. Had western star twin steer, fleets star mostly upgraded and international roadmaster mostly upgraded. I hope I get it back or I wont play anymore.

my whole game crashed. i had many miles amassed, according to my xbox gamer card, 183232.50. now the map i was on is half blacked out and all the good vehicles locked. i have 505/1060 points on my gamerscore, so obviously i have been playing it a while. very disappointing. its had to imagine investing in anymore of these comany games with risk of loosing all progress.