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Agiornamento per ps4 quando sara pronto ? GRAZIE

lol "a crash" there's a lot more than 1 reason. I gave up and got a refund for both game and season pass from Sony. I'll try again, maybe in 6 months.

Almost 2 weeks after its release, and no fix for those having major issues? that I'm sure 100% you were well aware of before going gold with it.

Glad I got my money back.

entonces el lunes contactare con Sony para que me haga el reembolso del juego completo ya que ustedes no son capazes de solucionar problema ni dan esplicaciones ni soluciones despues de dos semanas cerrare la comunidad creada en ps4 y esta tarde lo comunicare alos mienbros de ella en ps4 se acabo toda mi paciencia

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Yea i've already contacted Epic Games and asked for my refund based off the fact you cant play as Advertised. Just waiting on the response cause i'm sure they are back logged with so many wanting refunds. GG Focus, hopes this games hurts your company beyond repair cause you should never have sold a product that wasn't complete.....BAD BUSINESS YO.

Anche io chiedero riborso sony🙁 mi dispiace molto

esto es increible un juego que prometia y resulta que esta lleno de fallos en ps4 menuda decepcion y mas increible aun es que no den la cara ni informen de su progreso por arreglarlo focus mercenarios,esto se llama estafar,jajaja y encima sacais un tutorial de como manejar un remolque,no os dais cuenta que es absurdo?

siguen sin dar la cara ni una triste esplicacion en ps4 estamos abandonados 70 pavos tirados ala mierda por que lanzan un juego roto y con mas fallos que ninguno y lo de los craseos es el colmo y acaba con la paciencia de uno no me habia pasado nunca y tengo 60 juegos en mi blibioteca que verguenza

It seems to me that they have gone to Alaska with their pockets full, it does not seem that they will return

I'm still waiting for an answer, I don't buy anything related to these developers again, you can shove the game up your ass, damn you, thieves, incompetents, mercenaries, scammers, I want my refund, hopefully they close the company

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I go when I see that they fix something, I assure you

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Yes the flooring in mud works (very slowly) but you will move faster when in low and diff lock engaged, have done this many a time.

Diff lock / AWD helps more than not flooring it. I felt in MR the benefit of not flooring it was greater than in SR where it's barely perceptible.

agree! feathering the throttle just doesn’t work in SR!(
I spend time for low and slightly throttle, but at the end just set Auto and full throttle!
Almost no difference...its a big downgrade from MR, there it worked not bad.
I was expecting upgrade from mr to sr, i mean introducing “back & forth” tactic, which is the MOST effective way to unstuck in RL, but instead we got downgrade with above.

As for back&forth, its the main flaw of st/mr/sr physics, zero immersion.
Strange that devs don’t realize it, maybe a complete new physic model needed and they sacrifice it to keep rest of already done physics?

Yeah......I can also say after 50+ hours into the game, I only ever use automatic and sometimes low or low+.
Just came to this realization and it’s like a punch to the gut.
The no torque control is really disappointing. Like big time disappointing.....
Low- is useless. (Too slow no torque)
High gear is useless. (I can just keep my auto in second, same thing)
Low and low- are ONLY useful for watery mud and going down hill controlled.
EVERYTHING else is automatic and pressure control on the throttle. What’s that?!?A very small dip in the road?? Back down to first gear for you!
Also, reverse gear (and every gear except Low+ & auto) is waaaaaay to slow.

I’m very confused and disheartened at this point. Why make a sequel to a game and not get the main point of it correct? It was even delayed.....

I suspect that the changes were made to show off the difference that different tires and engines can make. But it should not be done by screwing with the realistic values and mechanics of everything else!!!

This sequel seems like two steps forward (modeled cabs! Multiple jobs!) and one major step back (actual gear and transfer case simulation gone!)

Snowrunner has turned into the automatic gear-spider winch game.....

I hate saying all this. I love the Spintires Franchise. Breaks my heart.....