Multiplayer league options?

Looking forward to legendary!! More (any) admin options makes Leagues great...
Here is the question...Will it be possible to create custom leagues?
ie as in single player (more options would be welcome)
We are playing a double round Robin with cup finals..thats just not an option now its ladder followed by knockout...
More options would be great!!


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Hi, no custom format leagues for Legendary. Although we're adding Swiss format and resurrection mode for leagues.

Ahh that sadness me...I was really hoping since you are going to give admin control, just being able to make Leagues as good in multiplayer as it is possible in single...hoping an Update Fix then..
Will the parring in ladder be faster?
(Now its almost 3 min, even if there is only 2 teams online i a league)

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Will the parring in ladder be faster?
(Now its almost 3 min, even if there is only 2 teams online i a league)

It's a 5 minute pooling time, so no. It's supposed to be used in the larger leagues but has to be used everywhere. A challenge option would fix that, ofc...

Multiplayer leagues can be set up similar tosingle player leagues (or tourneys)

single player comps have flexibility in their combination of round robins & knockouts.
All you have to do is set up the 'awards' section as tickets to other comps (pre set up)
so that on the conclusion of a round the right teams will auto recieve tickets to the next stage
eg. a 4 team round robin can have award tickets set for the top 2 teams which get
automatically sent when the round robin concludes so that the top 2 teams can then play in a
KO final..

We run a similar format in BBBL, doing "fake" double round-robin using multiple Competitions.
While this is a workaround, it's friggin' clunky, and you lose overview of the standings and stats between competitions, which sucks immensely, and I have to calculate standings manually at the end.

I cannot, for the love of all things logical and programmable, see why the same pattern of creating tournaments that already exists in single player, is not implemented in multi player. It just makes no sense to curtail the admin options like this.
I was under the impression that Legendary would provide these options. Seems I was wrong.
Considering a completely widespread format like double round-robin to be "custom", does not make sense to me.

This is indeed sad news and I hope you come to your senses at Cyanide and get these options implemented asap, or at least explain to us why something as simple as this is
a) not implemented
b) isn't as simple as it appears

Also the option for an admin to add Cyans to a League without using dummy teams would be great.

I am sick of having to use workarounds that make administration clunky.

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Agreed steele!!!
I dosen't seem like a Big fix...but would help a lot!!

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