I am getting a No-Faces bug, similar to one that apparently once existed for Assassin's Creed. Characters are appearing as floating eyeballs and mouths, many objects are partly see-through or completely invisible (only know they are there because I can run into them).

These issues make the game basically unplayable. I haven't been able to get past the starting area (mass grave site) as it was just so irritating, and hard to see where I was going with the see-through textures...

Will post screenshots, dxdiag info, etc. later if helpful (2 AM here now). Verified the game files on Steam. Uninstalled and will reinstall and try again later.

Playing on a Lenovo laptop. Meet or exceed all system requirements except maybe the graphics card (hard to know how to compare an embedded to the listed ones) and the processor speed (4x cores that are much newer than the Minimum one, though- and have rarely had processor issues with other games). 16 GB RAM. 1.78 GB Intel embedded graphics card (can draw on computer's resources though, as embedded, I think- at expense of extra strain on other resources).