Tasks : "Unfortunate Event" and "Cletus... " Oil Barrels missing entirely.


Been playing this game for a while, fighting my way through quite a big amount of bugs.

However, this time I need to be able to reset 2 tasks as the mission cargo has disappeared entirely from the game.

I need them to re spawn without having to reset everything else.
I have come too far to have to restart the whole map so please do not suggest anything along those lines.

First time when I approached the Oil Barrels, they did the "OOH, lets multiply like crazy"-thing.

Then after that happened, it was impossible to track the task as the gui would completely hang and I had to restart the game every single time. (Both tasks)

So, I simply ignored the tasks and did other tasks, hoping the problem would be fixed in some minor patch soon.

Yesterday these oil barrels were still there, available.
Today ALL of them are simply gone from both of the maps and I can not find a way to reset the tasks.

Please help me with resetting these specific tasks or implement a more obvious way to do so in game.


+1 here on PC.

There was one package of oil barrels I could pick up. The rest is below the map. Unable to restart, this will change nothing.