Deathwing Suggestions that could dramatically improve the game

I originally posted this over on Reddit, however I wasn't sure if the devs themselves would actually see it, so I'm posting it here aswell in the hopes they will notice it.

Hi, right off the bat I want to make it clear that I love deathwing, I think its a great game... that being said, it could be SO MUCH MORE. Heres just a few suggestions that myself and some close friends have thought of while playing.

Skills / Abilities Your skills in game really lack any kind of feedback (excluding librarian). A really nice way to make the skills feel more involved and polished would be to
1 - Add a voice line for each ability (eg: When the chaplain buffs the squad, have him announce with some fucking power "YOU SHALL KNOW NO FEAR" or something)
2- Add a non-clunky animation for each ability, the on screen ui overlay is pretty lacking, sure it gets the job done but its really not great. (eg: When your assault uses his buffs, have him brace his shield, or slam the ground, get creative, have some fun with it)
These changes are small things, but they will go a long way in making the game feel more refined and engaging.

Character specific UI This one is mostly in regards to the Apothecary. The apothecary can't currently see if one of his battle brothers limbs are disabled, and thats a pretty huge issue if your assault is missing his legs. A small armour status next to the player health bar (similar to what you see for yourself, but smaller) for the apothecary only would make the medic role feel more informed, you can treat the battle brother that needs it first.

Squad buffs being more obvious At the moment if one of your squadmates (Namely the chaplain) buffs the squad, theres no real indication that its happening. The chaplain gets an on screen overlay, but the rest of the squad is blissfully unaware. Some kind of overlay or particle effect for the squadmates so they can see whats going on would be tops. (An idea would be for the Chaplains damage immunity ability, a yellow "Iron halo" kind of glow on the team would be a very clear indication of a buff, and as the ability only lasts a few seconds it wouldn't be too distracting.)

Upcoming customisation Now this one is a little more out there as the feature hasn't been added yet, but I'm over the moon that they're adding it (even though I'll be playing Dark Angels regardless). There are a few ways I feel this could go; 1 - Visual cosmetics, all unlocked and ready to go from the start. You customize each class and when your happy youre good to go. 2 - Visual cosmetics with a progression unlock system (eg, same as above, but with fancier pieces of cosmetic equipment being unlocked via in game tasks over time "10000 thunder hammered genestealers unlocks a hammer embellishment" 3 - and probably the most out there option, but my personal favorite is all of the above, however instead of just being a cosmetic item, each piece of equipment brings small but noticeable changes to the terminator (Almost like DOW2s character equipment, they would give buffs and visual changes but not as extreme), a really simple example would be the torches on your terminator armour, perhaps one of you has 2 lights, you would actually light up more then your battle brother with only 1 (The assault has 2, whereas the apothecary only has 1). Thats a VERY basic example but I hope you get the gist of it.
The customization might even be nothing like what I've listed, but I really hope they go all out. The game could really get a following with a progression system.

I love the game, but whenever I'm playing I can't help but feel like they weren't really ready to release it yet, and they were rushed to release before they could finish everything.

I look forward to what you's think, and i'm pretty excited for the next update.

I signed up and made basically the exact same post as you before I went and read yours. Oh well at least they know 2 people want the same thing. The not knowing when a Chaplain has buffed you is the biggest thing because knowing changes what you do so much.

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