My customized loadouts consistently fail to save regardless of what I do. Here is what happens:

  1. So I made this class with the L85 weapon under Advisor. I can save this. But once I click save loadout, and then click into Advisor again, this is what shows up: The same customization

alt text

  1. Then I go over to click on the class (my courser is over the selected class (does not appear on screenshot))

alt text

  1. And then it turns into an empty hand

alt text

Even if I attempt to modify an old class, it will do the same exact thing; however, the original loadout will still be the same without any major or minor changes.

I attempted to validate all my files. After that failed, I reinstalled my game. After that failed, I disabled Steam cloud sync. After that failed, I deleted my Profile.sav file.

It doesn't matter if I join a game after or restart the game. It is constantly stuck in some sort of limbo. I would really appreciate some help because editing a load-out for 25% of any gameplay is ridiculous.

Thank you,