Since I've started actually playing the game after the CPU upgrade there has already been numerous critical bugs.

  1. No video, but it did happen the same way when the game just came out: your respawn point gets relocated within the room ceiling. After the spawn you get somehow 'stuck' in the ceiling brush, and the game won't allow the movement. Sometimes you get dropped down to the ground level, sometimes not. Reproduction of the bug is unknown. Happened on both low and high latency servers.


Happened a couple of times over the last 10-15 hrs. Even though the loadout hasn't been switched or cleared, you get spawned with no primary weapon. The video shows the bug as is. Reproduction unknown.

edit: reproduction has been somewhat confirmed: happens when there is lag/some sort of freeze on server's side, not client performance related. If you spawn at the same time the bug occurs.


Happened once, but persisted for the whole respawn time. Grenade (AN-14) is equipped, shown in the weapon selection but upon selecting the viewmodel hands disappear. The throw animates the hands but no actual projectile comes out. During recording the bug I've been able to break this state once and throw one of the grenades but can't tell what did that, most likely combination of grenades to weapon switching. Reproduction is unknown, but so far this happened on highly CPU-stressing server.

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