where is ambush already ?

we been sitting around for years waiting for it at this point.

like wtf is going on ? even console people arnt excited for this shit anymore. There isnt 1 fucking game out there with vip excort mode in it and its the best type of pvp game mode ever.

you only disagree because your shit at being the vip right ? and you relay on respawns to have fun n all that shit right ?

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Language, dude. Watch it.

But yes, I agree. Ambush seems to be quite a bit of fun. Nice change compared to other more traditional stuff.

@quackrejackt said in where the fuck is ambush already ?:

even console people arnt excited for this shit anymore.

.......speak for yourself. There are plenty of folks still very excited for Sandstorm's release on PS4 and XB1. ....although perhaps a bit anxious or frustrated by the lack of news / details on the PS4 preorder, beta scheduling, etc.

@quackrejackt Like all game companies these days they don’t give a fuck about you or me... unless your excited for microtransexual skins and shit!


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@Depleted Don’t forget vampire mode and microtransexuals can’t say they don’t add new content...