I have been having a good time play the game one I was parked at the motel trying to switch my vehicles and it said leave the restricted area so I pulled out on to the street and it keep saying the same thing I drove to the garage and then when into it after I came out the game seemed fine until I switched into the hummer h2 and drove to the gas station once the first mission about the bridge was completed as I was driving over the bridge my truck fell through as there was no bridge there at all and then I pressed recover and then I spawned in the garage and to me surprise my truck fell through the map so I gave up on the game and restarted my xbox to see if that fixed the problem and it didn’t so now when I am in any of the truck the only thing that move is the body mainly the mirrors and the truck doesn’t go anywhere and when I exit the game and start it over I can drive through rocks and crates and others things like truck I am just wondering what I should do now because this doesn’t seem the game I was intended on buy with my birthday money and now I am stuck with the game at 14 years old after I waited months for this game to come and I have been totally let down by the software development of this game. And If anyone else has ran into problem on xbox and fixed please contact me at my gmail: curtavianberkhalter09@gmail.com, I hope they can fix this problem or refund because this is not right at all.