Hey Coaches,

We've compiled a list of known issues that you may come across during your time in Blood Bowl 2.
If you come across any issues not listed below, don't hesitate to post details in the Bug Report Section.

Known Issues


  • At the end of a multiplayer game against AI, the end match pop-ups are not displayed (winnings, mercenary hiring...).
  • No impact of the Fan Factor in the matches not played (AI vs AI)
  • Ai vs Human multiplayer matches aren't available in the Cabal TV as replay.


  • The camera of Player 2 is displaced on the left instead of the right.


  • The chainsaw sounds can play in loop if the Looner left the pitch during a Both Down.

Market Place

  • It's impossible to modify an offer, you have to cancel it and make a new one to change it.


  • The modification of the cash won with the advanced administration tool doesn't seem to work if the match was really played.
  • You'll often receive a message "match not found" after leaving a replay.


  • No visual effect for the Disturbing Presence skill for Star Player Fez.
  • The reroll animation with Bomber is too slow.


  • The Steam overlay might not work depending on the OS version.

Skills & Gameplay

Blood Lust

  • The game can be stuck for a while when a Vampire on Blood Lust scores a touchdown with a thrall nearby while crowdsurfing an opponent player.
  • In contrary with the LRB6 ruling, a vampire on Blood Lust can still bite a thrall after failing to pick up the ball.


  • The Horns bonus is also applied after a successful Dauntless so the player wrongly has always 2 block dices instead of only one.


  • The game doesn't take into account well the long and bomb pass modifiers for an AG6 player.


  • When blitzing, Stab doesn't cost an additional movement point.


  • Decay doesn't work well if the coach still has an available apothecary (mixed team only).


  • A player intercepting a bomb isn't able to use Hail Mary Pass.


  • In automatic mode, the choice to use or not Dodge isn't offered when a player is pushed to the edge of the pitch due to a chainpush.

Jump Up

  • When blocking from the ground a player with Foul Appearance, Foul Appearence roll is rolled first instead of Jump Up first.


  • A player without any movement left still roll the second Frenzy block against a player who used Stand Firm.


  • Fend isn't usable during a chainpush.


  • The rolls display in the log aren't proper when using skills Diving Tackle, Break Tackle and Dodge.
  • When a player can reroll an interception (Pro, Dump-off, Bombardier), the log displays the first interception roll as succeeded.
  • Sometimes the success roll of Bombardier and Fireball (Wizard) isn't displayed in the log.

Last update: 28/03/18

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