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Hey Coaches,

We've compiled a list of known issues that you may come across during your time in Blood Bowl 2. We are working to get these sorted out as soon as possible!

If you come across any issues not listed below, don't hesitate to post details in the Bug Report Section.

Updated with the release of the Legendary Edition

Known Issues

Eternal Mode

  • [Console only] A loss at the start of a Knockout competition might cause a very long loading and the results of the AI matches not to be displayed.
  • Ageing is activated (and shouldn't be).
  • The mid-match save doesn't take into account who played the first half-time, making a team kick or receive both drives.
  • No impact of the Fan Factor in the matches not played (Ai vs AI)
  • SPP are awarded in Frankencup, although the competition is in resurrection mode.


  • The AI can be stuck in a specific case involving Shadowing and Leap.
  • The AI doesn't always stand up its Treeman.
  • At the end of a multiplayer game against AI, the end match pop-ups are not displayed (winnings, mercenary hiring...).


  • The heads of some players don't remove their hairs when wearing a helmet, causing them to be seen out of the helmet.


  • Impossible to do an offer with a controller.


  • Ai vs Human multiplayer matches aren't available in the Cabal TV as replay.

Xbox One

  • Potential slowdown in some specific cases. You can cold reset the console to fix it (hold the power button 10 sec).
  • Singleplayer league progression might be stuck in some specific situations. Delete replays should fix the issue.


  • If a player is disconnected in inducements, he/she is automatically brought back to the main menu instead of waiting for a reconnection. It's still possible to go back in the match by restarting the game.


  • The camera of Player 2 is displaced on the left instead of the right.


  • The pass statistic is given to the catcher instead of the thrower.


  • The Steam overlay might not work depending on the OS version.


  • No visual effect for the Disturbing Presence skill for Star Player Fez.
  • The reroll animation with Bomber is too slow.

Skills & Gameplay


  • The coin toss in overtime can be skipped in some specific situations.


  • The time to choose to use the apothecary might be shorten when the opponent is about to be expelled for a foul and has a bribe.


  • The game doesn't take into account well the long and bomb pass modifiers for an AG6 player.


  • The Mighty Blow bonus of the Fireball might be applied on the armor roll and the injury roll.


  • [Singleplayer only] A leap involving two GFIs might block the game until the end of the turn in some specific case.

Right Stuff

  • A coach doesn't suffer a turnover if he/she throws a player caring the ball on an opponent player.


  • When blitzing, Stab doesn't cost an additional movement point.


  • Potential temporary blocking issue when throwing a bomb directly on a player.
  • A player intercepting a bomb isn't able to use Hail Mary Pass.


  • Dump-off isn't usable at the turn following a Blitz Kick-off event.


  • In automatic mode, the choice to use or not Dodge isn't offered when a player is pushed to the edge of the pitch due to a chainpush.


  • The kick back reroll on a foul checks if loner is on the player on the ground, instead of the player fouling.

Jump Up

  • When blocking from the ground a player with Foul Appearance, Foul Appearence roll is rolled first instead of Jump Up first.


  • Leader might give two bonus rerolls instead of one in some specific cases.


  • A player without any movement left still roll the second Frenzy block against a player who used Stand Firm.


  • Fend isn't usable during a chainpush.


  • The rolls display in the log aren't proper when using skills Diving Tackle, Break Tackle and Dodge.
  • When a player can reroll an interception (Pro, Dump-off, Bombardier), the log displays the first interception roll as succeeded.
  • The success roll of Bombardier and Fireball (Wizard) cannot be displayed in the log.

Last update: 20/10/17

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