Check out the Mods Trailer!

Hello SnowRunners!

It's only been two weeks, but we're already seeing the game get richer with the addition of mods! The official partnership with is in full swing, and you can already download dozens of mods created by talented modders to enhance your game with new vehicles, harder and more realistic driving, system changes, crazy (and unexpected) creations - and much more besides.

The team is delighted with the offering so far, and excited to see more in the future. Check out this new video to see how to get mods working on your setup.

Youtube Video

Modding will continue to expand. Free updates to the tools available will arrive in the first phase of content updates, allowing for maps, missions, and vehicle interiors to be modded.

As we've mentioned before, mod support will arrive on both PS4 and Xbox One in the future too!

SnowRunner is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC! Get the game and the Season Pass from the official store for a full year of content updates with new vehicles, maps, missions, and more. Visit for mods!

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thx for instruction!

so mods dont turn off achievements/trophies?

as for already released mods - its just some toys and first steps, no any serious and finished mod.

its understandable - no tools released so far, and little time passed after release.

thx gor your hard work, devs and modders! we appreciate it and waiting for serious vehicle, map and gameplay mods!

Que otro video mas que no tiene sentido en ps4. pon fecha para los arreglos de de ps4 ya son dos semanas de graseos y perdida de partidas y muchos fallos ya esta bien te estas burlando de los jugadores de ps4 solucion ya que el juego es nuevo y sino no haber lanzado el juego sois unos sinverguenzas estais jugando con las ilusiones de muchos jugadores esto pasara factura a esta empresa 馃槨 馃槨 馃槨 馃槨 馃槨 馃槨 馃槨 馃槨

would be nice if mods wouldnt just infinitely load and would actually allow me to click activate. seems to be an issue with private mods, without being able to test a mod privately in a regular game play situation not just on the proving grounds, how would you expect good mods to be released?

@Xofroggy Is that the deal? I'm able to download and play with others' public mods. But my private mod just spins indefinitely.

Update: Got "Patch 4.0" this morning and my private mod downloaded! Yay!

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Sorry, dont take it personal but i am not impressed at all. Typical "EXTREME" lift + humongous wheels + MOA POWA mods. Nothing special, good modders probably wait for the final mod tools and till the game is fixed. What is on now is mostly nothing to brag about in my eyes.

However the octotruck is so weird and goofy it is kinda adorable... did not download any mod yet cause not worth it, but that octotruck, well good job with that one 馃檪

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the only good mod is the KrAZ CHR [袣褉袗袟 效袪] -3130 for SnowRunner which runs without problems,

@thombuggy said in Check out the Mods Trailer!:

the only good mod is the KrAZ CHR [袣褉袗袟 效袪] -3130 for SnowRunner which runs without problems,

Hey thombuggy ... believe me that one catch my eye right away, did not try it out yet but i will soon enough! Thanks for the suggestion!

When are the MODS going to be available for consoles like XBOX ??

@thombuggy said in Check out the Mods Trailer!:

the only good mod is the KrAZ CHR [袣褉袗袟 效袪] -3130 for SnowRunner which runs without problems,

how many wheels on it?)

I do believe that modding on PC should have been done differently. The current way is a mess. There are only few "subscribed" mods on Most are made by adding or modding vanilla files in the game. This is a mess for the community and devs. TBH I don't see how the devs are fixing the game (PC) as many files are changed.

BTW, why now game start with mods disabled?, is a pain and make game crash if some cases like mine in island lake

@Jellyfoosh A Mods Trailer ? Another trailer again? When will you release actual info on mods for consoles? I am so sick and tired of hearing that this "will be released". When? This is one of the main reasons I bought this game for PS4. And btw: I am a big fan of the Spintires / Mudrunner series. But please don't leave us die hard fans hanging again. Fix the current issues with the game asap (should have been there for the get go), make sure real quality mods are available and I will throw my money at you for more quality content. I am more than willing to pay for it, but be honest with us this time. This game has some much potential to be something really great. Don't screw it up...

why are mods still only in single player? downloading and overwriting game files is easy, but pointless because updates overwrite them. release mods in coop!!!

I pray this game isn't like mudrunner. Mods was mentioned when it came out and was in the same timeline as "in the future" and we ended up getting told it wasn't happening..... PLEASEEEEEEEEE don't let that be I only bought this one with hopes of mods on ps4

Just want to say that this BS is a joke!

@BioPrime said in Check out the Mods Trailer!:

When are the MODS going to be available for consoles like XBOX ??

The day after you buy a PC for the mods.
So hurry up and buy that computer already so the rest of us ps4 and Xbox users can have mods too.

Imma be pissed if miss come out tomorrow for console because I just bought a PC

You can't be serious? lol