Cannot Establish Connection to Servers

I am unable to play online. At the same time two members of our league are playing their match.
I'm playing on PC, Windows 7.
Steam is online, can verify that from the Friends window.
All other online services are available.
Windows Firewall grants Blood Bowl 2 programs (3 of them) access for both public and private networks.

In our friends leagues, I seem to be the only player out of 10 to have these problems repeatedly.
Yesterday the game was working fine online.
About two weeks ago I had this issue also, and then the fix was to allow the firewall rules.

I see that others are having problems connecting to servers as well.
Re: Cannot Establish Connection to Servers

What would you suggest I should look into to get this working?

I have the same issue (running Windows 10). Everything was OK then, suddenly, connections erros.