Settings Menu Bugged

Every time I enter the Game Settings, it asks me if I want to save my changes, even when I don't make any changes. I have to click 'Yes' like 20 times or else it will alter my Video settings upon exiting to Main screen. Almost every time I go into settings and exit, it turns "Motion Blur" On and turns my "Max Frame Cap" from 60 to None. Sometimes, other settings will change, too.

This has been an issue for at least 6 months now.

Also, unrelated to that issue, but it's a bit jarring when I first join a match and the FIRST THING I HEAR following 60 seconds of silence is a massive explosion going off! Like the sound of the cache exploding right when I enter the game. Can we PLEASE make that stop? Please.

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Can confirm, similar stuff happening to me, toggled options are the same. Other settings do change: shadow resolution resets to 512x512, AF to 4x. However, unlike OP, it all happens at the same time,