Tonight at 19 UTC my Slaanesh Slaughterers will play their third ever Superbowl, the grand final of the playoffs of REBBL (the biggest league in the game)! The first (and last) time this team has won it was season 4; REBBL has grown to over 700 coaches since!

Before that, we'll do a little pre-show where I'm playing a friendly match against Jorbs, a great streamer of (mostly) strategy games and one of my longest twitch subs! That'll start at 17 UTC.

I've been told the Slaughterers were the first team to make it to the Superbowl twice (now 3 times), and their 9/10 playoff qualifications is also some kind of record, apparently. Then again, my team is also the oldest in the league: they're playing their 160th game tonight.

If you'd like to join this awesome league (amazing community; great organization; global league but with three timezone-based conferences to avoid cross-continental scheduling woes in the main season), head on over to to join season 14!

If you feel like you're not experienced enough for the big leagues, there's also the rookie league REBBRL, where experienced coaches help new ones learn the game!

Come cheer me on (or boo me off; I'm playing chaos after all) from 17 UTC tonight, with the main event at 19 UTC!