Trucks/cargo phasing through trucks/trailers

Pacific p16 tipped while towing Oil rig salvage semi trailer. While trying to winch it with Royal BM17 to recover it, I was able to drive the Royal all the way through both the Pacific p16 and trailer. (Mountain River)
Also had the Khan Marshall Phase through the paystar after I had loaded it into the sideboard bed of the paystar and switched to the Khan to turn off the engine and apply e-brake. (North Port)

Had the same problem trying to play around with trailers and my trucks phase through them this update broke it so bad

I had the same issue on Xbox, when I was driving a truck onto a trailer and switched out of it the truck phased through the trailer. This also occurred when I was in the international scout it drove through all of my trucks.![alt text](![image url](![image url](![0_1589632340878_image.jpg](Uploading 100%) image url)))

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Same problem here on xbox, game was working fine before update but ever since update i cant use a crane to load anything onto any trucks or trailers, cant even drive a vehicle onto the flatbed trailer without it "dropping down" thru it, hopefully they fix this soon makes the game very difficult to play when you lose a load in the woods