Xbox after update may 13 2020 cargo crane problems major

This update has messed up all containers, boxes, cargo that used to be able to load on our trucks. Now when you unpack cargo it drops through the trailer... When you pick it up with crane and try to place it on trailer it just floats through trailer like not there. Cant pick anything up with crane any more at all.

Same issue on PS4, Smithville Dam. Can't put cargo on vehicle/trailer. Cargo penetrates the vehicle and catapult it when switching.
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having the same problem, gotta have a new game breaking glitch every week aparently

The same thing is happening to me, the cargo that must be collected in the missions in which the crane is needed simply does not show on the map and does not even appear where the cargo to be loaded on the truck is. I'm playing on Xbox One X.

Same problem on Xbox One S but only happens when i try to load the cargo on a sideboard bed... when i load the cargo on a flatbed, there is no problem..... I'm starting to regret paying for the game....when i bought the console i swore i wouldn't buy a game that just appeared because of bugs and problems like this..... honestly now... FIX IT!