My Hummer disappeared now from the game seems forever right after I finished the mission. When I delivered to the location following the mission, it disappeared instead of just stay still behind like the one I saw from the video in youtube. I still got the reward pop-up for finishing the rescuing a hummer mission. It’s gone right away I finished the mission. Even I tried to purchase manually from the truck store, it says Hummer need to explore the region (seems I never completed the mission and still locked). From the contract menu, task for rescuing the hummer has gone so no way to restart the mission. I can’t find it anywhere, but from the global map there is a little icon at the bottom of Pedro Bay shows that there is one scout vehicle. When I enter the map there is no hummer inside. I do understand the garage system works and I checked every single garage including the partitions inside the garage. I checked all the garage from each maps but no luck. I retained all my vehicles to not confused me finding the hummer still no luck. Could somebody help me answer if it is a bug from the game or there is other way to find my hummer?