New ideas new suggestions

Hi guys, i have some ideas that might be nice for gameplay. First, how about looting ammunition from dead bodies? Exchanging weapon with its ammunition in the middle of combat can be fun. Another thing is, this game has a very large outfit customization option. Can it be done for weapons too? Dozens of weapon selection sounds always good to me. Maybe devs can arrange this 'new outfit as leveling' or 'opening new outfits with cash' thing into weapons too?

Add Ambush

No medics, no looting, no respawns, no kill cam, no need for dozens of guns either.

You can grab magazines out of guns that are laying on the ground. You need to have a weapon with the same ammunition type. That's probably sufficient. The location of bodies is actually not synchronized with the server, so I'm not sure if that'd be a problem or not.

i mean switching to weapons of others might be fun so i told about looting ammo from dead bodies. I dont think synchronizing will be a big problem, because its not a big deal after all.