What I'd (You'd) Like To See

Feel free to chime in, but here's a collection of things I'd love to see:

  • World-wide locations. We've got Moon-bridges and we're not afraid to use them. Meet representatives from the Wyrm all over the globe and eviscerate them. Or whatever their anatomical-equivalent is.
  • Umbral exploration. Not just interesting reflected reality Penumbra-style but going into the weird-as-all-heck realms. If you want PVP it's not like the Battlerealm is just made for it.
  • More than stereotypes. Not just hipster Glasswalkers and man-hater Blackfuries. We're not tropes-in-furcoats.
  • Visceral combat. Bites, Claws, Tentacles, Talons, Barbs, Acid, Fire, Vines, Klaives, Fangdaggers. Yes, I bring a knife to a gun fight because I know Jam Tech.
  • Frenzies. They're not your friend, but it's going to be tricky to get them in a game and not have them feel like a cheesy "I lost because I rolled a 1 right then". But frenzies are the cost of the gift of Rage, it'd be cheesier without it.
  • Spirituality. I super-enjoy the animism of Werewolf's mythos and I want to interact with that. And not just by biting it.
  • Crafting. I have a feeling that fetish/ talen quests will be interesting if they combine the fetch-quest of items with the hunt/ fight/ bargain aspect of convincing a spirit to inhabit it.
  • A bloody good story. In fact several of them, woven together. Storytellers I've had are masters of weaving threads into an adventure; we need nothing less here.

So, top of my head thoughts. Anyone else?

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Oh yeah. I wanna pack-fight a Nexus Crawler. A Big one.

Please as VTM : Redemption put a multiplayer with a story teller mod !!!

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