Micro stuttering.. Please weigh in if you can help.

Hello, gentlemen.

So, I've been getting this weird micro stuttering for practically the whole time I've owned the game. I've posted about it before, but I've learned more about it, so I felt like another thread was justified.

My problem is this tiny little stutter or freeze. It happens every few seconds, and it's so small it's almost unnoticeable, like 0.01 second unnoticeable, but it's definitely there, and it's frankly ruining the game for me. Interesting thing is that it happens like clockwork. Like last time it was real bad, and I genuinely believe it was like clockwork every 4 seconds or so, almost as if it was related to some continuous process in the game, rather than anything ingame. I've found some link between player count and this happening, but nothing definitive yet. I'm 90% sure the problem is exaggerated with high player count on the server.

It's unrelated to FPS or ping, as I've kept track of that extensively. I'm always 60+ FPS, and my ping is 40-90 usually, on Singaporean servers. I do however have 14 ms whatever next to my FPS on screen, so if someone could explain what that meant to me, I'd be very grateful.

Like I said, this is ruining the game for me to the point where I don't want to play.

FPS can be measured by counting how many frames are rendered per second, but I think what's more common is to use an aggregate related to the frame time. Frame time is how long it takes to process and render a frame. Basically, the formula is 1 / frame time to get FPS and 1 / FPS to get frame time.
In your case, you would convert 14 ms to FPS: 1 frame / 0.014 seconds -> ~71 FPS.