Sometimes I encounter some sort of glitch where cargo does not have collision detection. I’ve encountered this twice. The first time was when vehicle spare parts phased through my Royal and demolished it, and the second I had today when concrete went through the trailer that my Royal was carrying. It seems to only happen when I load manually with a crane. Cargo collision detection when it phases through trucks reactivates and deactivates when you switch between trucks. If you switch to the truck which had the cargo phased, it’ll get stuck, and when you move, it’ll damage parts. If it goes through trailers, when you switch to the truck carrying it, the collision detection won’t reactivate. It’ll come back if you detach then reattach the trailer. The only way I found out how to work with this glitch is to either have a truck with a bed, have the cargo over it, then switch to that truck (the cargo won’t phase through) or completely close and reopen the game. Please consider fixing this.