Bug list in this post:
Vehicle duplication glitch (still occurs after update)
Semi-trailors glitch
Cargo/trailors becoming invisible to other players
Cargo/vehicle phasing through trailors
Mision cargo/trailors disapearing
Winching another player bug
Invisible player bug
Stuck in garage bug

Heres a good idea for an update.
Let us recover discovered trailors n send it to the trailor shop as an already bought trailor.

oing to start off with vehicle duplication, my vehicles glitched under the map after i recovered them in a friends lobby. Once I left the lobby, both vehicles were duplicated from taymyr, quarry/zemnegorsk. And for my lobbies once I tried to recover my trucks in island lake or drummond island it would duplicate once I have left my game even after 2-5 hours of gameplay. Glitching under the map also happens in my lobby so there are 2 ways to duplicste vehicles that are unintended. any semi trailer types of trailers seems to glitch themselves into the ground and starts acting like a bayblade destroying my trucks around. WE NEED TO BE ABLE TO RECOVER TRAILORS THAT WE HAVE DISCOVERED THAT ARE NOT A MISSION ITEM. Literally because trailors seems to just glitch and ectI now have a glitchy world because I have too many trailors that are impossible to unglitch. Couple are in the air, one is in the drilling foundation , one is deep in the woods because it flung itself there. One of them was simply tipped over so I figured I would pick it up and once i attached to it, my truck got fung into the air and looked like a UFO just hovering the map. Technokiller999 on xbox to see the video and screenshots as proof. Winching a friend has this slingshot physics, cargo and vehicles phasing through trailors. Cargo/trailors disapearing from one players perspective and the other one sees it. Cargo disapearing or phasing through trailors if using a crane that isnt connected to the trailor/flatbed. Some of these cargo are mission items and because they disapeared on their own I cannot restart the mission because the game still think it's there but it's invisible and cant acess it. This one is annoying because of accidents and its invisible players, we cant tell where they are so we crash into them ruining more missions .This bug only happened to me once but it also happened to many others so I'm going to talk about it to and it is about getting stuck in the garage.. I personally could leave the garage if I went to the map and took another vehicle that has already been taken out. BUT I couldnt acess anything from the garage, couldnt go to the store, storage or leave garage with the truck that I recovered.