I was ecstatic for the release of snowrunner, and was completely understanding of a few glitches due to it just being launched, but the amount of issues even after a patch are insane! If anything, the problems are worse!

  1. Game crashes CONSTANTLY! Whether your driving and minding your own business or switching areas, the game can't run for more than an hour at a time. (The crashes occur on 3 different ps4 consoles at different times, coop or single player)

  2. You have to race out of the garage as soon as you enter a game (coop or single player), or you get STUCK IN THE GARAGE BECAUSE THE X BUTTON BECOMES DISABLED, FORCING YOU TO CLOSE THE GAME AND REOPEN IT EVERY SINGLE TIME IT OCCURS.

  3. Losing trucks you purchased because the game CRASHED! The Yar 87 and Pacific P12 have dissapeared from both mine and a friend's garage after the game crashed.

Hopefully Focus will listen to these problems, and the problems of other players to make this a much better game.