Watch the SnowRunner Accolades Trailer!

@FocusPocus Yes seriously, there is people threatening devs, wishing they are fired. I think that is inexcusable no matter what. Not only for snowrunner but any game.

If you are that angry just request a refund, or never buy from them again after leaving a bad review / criticism.

If you actually read my post i said criticism and feedback is GOOD, Hell i even give some myself. I mainly targeted the Hateful crowd in my post. (as it says right there) Nowhere do i condemn negative people and i actually promote feedback.

I mean anyone feeling the need to call the devs useless, wanting them to get fired because your lights don't work or your tires clip? You are an idiot (not saying you are, but if you did)

English is not my first so yeah.

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@Seegeth you can find some of those comments in this thread, Facebook is also full of them. Players asked to not delay the Snowrunner any further, so the devs have listened.

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I want to know which Focus employee drew the short straw to be tasked with getting this highway truck with that load all the way up there for that particular scene 😂


he is hardcore fan, whats it! i like they have such guys!)
by the way, that is the last piece of cargo, behibd container?

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Saber will fix everything because they always do so.

What kind of marketing BS is that? There's still plenty of bugs left behind in MR that will never get fixed. I guess in SR we'll be "lucky" if one day they fix the cargo falling through trailers.

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Players asked to not delay the Snowrunner any further, so the devs have listened.

Devs listen to their managers who listen to their bosses. The release date was set and they were going to release the game no matter how unfinished / buggy it was. And that's exactly what we got.

@rubymoon90 anno preso i soldi e ci hannno dato gioco non funzionante come promesso lol

@Davinci-87PL Ho dovuto usare Google Translate per vedere cosa hai detto lol.
Non funziona nessuno perché le persone ovviamente lo stanno giocando senza problemi, oppure hanno problemi ma non pensano che il gioco si interrompa, che non è tbf. Also for all you guys crying over epic games being shit, well you still threw money at them didn't ya? you still PAID for the game even though most of you hate epic games LOL go figure. i dont have any problems myself with the game or epic game.

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Let me see if I understand this correctly...

You have the time to edit and release a video touting your good reviews so you can attract new (uninformed) customers, but can't be bothered to spend a few minutes updating your current customers as to the state of progress in fixing the multitude of really nasty bugs your software has? I'm starting to suspect that this is EXACTLY why this game wasn't released on Steam, because you know the customer reviews are a big factor on there and you'd be suffering terribly right now with the lack of quick response to bug reports.

I like the game, I want the game to succeed, but I have zero confidence in Saber/Focus right now. The patch came out and actually broke more for me than it fixed, yet we didn't get so much as a "oops, sorry about that" from the devs. FFS, there are games out there right now that have teams of 2-3 people working on it total, and they give daily updates even during the COVID mess.

Saber/Focus, I hope you at least read these comments and understand that word of mouth is way more important now than your silly "accolades" video. Your game is getting dragged on these forums, on reddit, and in other places. Start communicating with your customers, it's not that difficult. We'd like to know that you, at the very least, give a damn about our concerns. A canned "thanks for the bug report" response is bullocks and you know it.

Just my 2 cents as a long time gamer.

I can think what you mean but that holy thing is not a one man job it´s a company and everything was planned. Maybe the maker from the accolades trailer are not the devs himself maybe one or two guys from the marketing to make some PR nothing else.

Sry, about my english, but Steam have also Problemgames they was throw it to the customers and nobody cares (from the Dev´s). Example: Farming Simulator 19 the modders and community, fix the most of the game and make it better. And even there no Force Feedback, no Soundoptimizing, no Gear and Clutch support even the customers make the most happen. And the best was the releaseday don´t works nothing and 2 weeks later was playable, because Patch and Hofixes. This situation was harder. And a hell of a Shitstorm.

I don´t try to protect any company or this. I hate this Epic Games too. Because they steal all my favorite franchises, like Shenmue 3 (was a backer), Metro Exodus and now Mudrunner 2 (aka Snowrunner)?!?.

But i see from the devs there are on it. And game is playable (i use PC Version). Don´t let the day spoil you 😉

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Just my 2 cents as a long time gamer.

13 May 2020, 17:35

Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha, Great Entertainment

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@slim5oh said in Watch the SnowRunner Accolades Trailer!:

Just my 2 cents as a long time gamer.

13 May 2020, 17:35

Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha, Great Entertainment

you may not realise, but there´s other games than this.

Pls, we need hardcore mode in next update/dlc

GOTY. Bugs and all. Pure enjoyment. In a year from now it will be a sight to behold. Glad they came out with it when they did and folks can help fix the issues as we go. Love the game. Most fun in gaming I've had in a long time.

Hello, crossplay is planned ? for pc and ps4 ?

Am I the only one who caught these 2 parts.
"Season pass THIS YEAR" and "new things to come in the FUTURE"
I hate to be that guy but 99% who bought the game for console got it because mods was mentioned. Who knew it wouldn't be ready when the game was released with all the mentioning of it but aye maybe its why im not a developer.
Anyone with console and don't wanna buy it twice go to youtube you can coff it for free and enjoy mods that way smfh.

When is the date of publication of the first DLC? and the hardcore mode?

Has there been any game on console that had a fully developed and happy mod community?

How many times are we going to fall for it?
Mods on consoles only frustrate and disappoint.

They always get hyped and under deliver if delivering anything at all.

Fallout, Mudrunner, Cities Skylines, etc.

They always end up being a fraction of a fraction of what pc (all hail!) get, and on top of that get micro transactions up the wazoo!

PC MODS= Whatever you want, Free!

CONSOLE MODS= Small handful of dried turds, $1.99 - $6.99 a piece!

SnowRunner Accolades?? You cant be serious.
Fix Everything! My gosh we paid $40 for a barely playable game!
Accolades?? oh brother... The "REAL" Users will decide that.

skyrim mods work perfectly, and have minor limitations compared to pc

@Mark401 said in Watch the SnowRunner Accolades Trailer!:

Accolades?? oh brother... The "REAL" Users will decide that.

Yup, I don't know anyone who pays attention to these paid reviewers who receive the game for free. I sure don't. I look at actual player reviews & gameplay footage. If I were Focus I wouldn't proudly show these accolades. It's a slap in the face of all the players who've had serious issues with the game. It's starting to come along, but all these major fixes should have been done before release.