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@slim5oh salut j'ai bien lu ton commentaire et a l'arrivée au bout de 1 mois je te soutiens totalement j'ai 3 données corrompu comment osé ton sortir un jeux qui n'est pas fini avec une énorme potentiel ils ont simplement profitez du confinement pour vendre a l'arrivée c'est une catastrophe seul les joueurs pc sont bien c'est un désastre j'ai jamais payez un jeu avec autant de bug surtout en coopération alors que s'est la base svp les développeurs j'adore votre jeux mais dépêchez vous 😠😠😠

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I'm starting to suspect that this is EXACTLY why this game wasn't released on Steam, because you know the customer reviews are a big factor on there and you'd be suffering terribly right now

Big +1. On Steam this game would be ravaged by actual, real reviews by paying customers. Focus has no shame. The quality of the game is alpha at best, nowhere near what a released game should look like.

I'd give the game a 8. Only real issue I can see right now is the cargo loading bug. PS4 used to have a crashing issue but that's already been fixed. I suppose some are upset with no wheel support, I honestly don't really care.

I certainly wouldn't say the game is alpha build, might have a few issues but it's mostly complete. Many games release in far worse condition then this.

@justinlynch3 I remember you have low standards, due to some other games you've played that were released in a poor state. My experience is rather the opposite. I have a large collection of games, many of them labeled early access. And they have far fewer issues than this game. Early access is typically considered alpha.

Don't get me wrong. As a fan or MR & ST, I enjoy this game a lot as well, but the experience has been frustrating at times due to the long list of issues. For non-fans of the series, they must be completely put off. No wonder some have requested refunds.

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@RscalfJr thats just lame how are you going to set on the actual devs site and promote game piracy stupid is what it is I agree the game is a broke joke atm but stealing from the co. isn't going to help resolve any of those issues btw anyone thinking about doing this you should know most mods wont work with a crack copy and multi player is going to be problematic as well

Will we ever get working lights on PS4? I'd rather you just say no then keep telling us it's fixed only to find out after installing 15GB worth of 2 updates to find that it still is not fixed. Also the graphics took a nosedive after the June 9th update. Working mirrors is cool but the lights not showing really makes the beautiful world you created seem like it's missing something at sunset/night/sunrise. Gameplay is great, I still enjoy the game. (Base Ps4 user)

@Delfinblue @Jellyfoosh but the game ISN'T perfect in fact its far from it and the fact that saber and focus still throw up this video is a slap in the face to the many people who still try and defend this crap game I for one loved the mud runner series played it on PS4 as well as PC (for the mods) and I pre ordered Snow Runner with the expectation that it would be at the very least playable in the way they marketed it this has been farther from the truth (I'm on PC btw) I do have friends that play both the PS4 & the XBOX versions tho and they all have similar experience as a lot of the other bug reporters on here my point is it doesn't matter what platform your playing on the game SHOULD work as it was advertised I DIDN'T pay over $60.00 us for an alpha version of a game which is were this game is at best with bugs such as not being able too load trucks on trailers and this is even after the so call 5.0 patch sh..s still broke to quote another user I can see now why you didn't want to run with steam this time around less actual player feedback on Epic Games but hey your still getting dragged everywhere else and the 5.0 patch isn't helping to end that

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