Watch the SnowRunner Accolades Trailer!

@Crumpy2 they are partnered with ford thats the only reason i can think of on why they would show off this thing so much, also they could spawn it on the peak with dev tool no need to drive it up there

Amazing game you guys released. The future content looks promising, thanks to you guys my covid-19 time at home is fun now. Don't want to get out lol.

It is still not possible to load one truck with another. The cargo fall through the truck/trailer every time. I have out of nowhere fps drops to 20 fps. Sometimes you hit a tree or a stone and the truck flies 1000km through the air.
But it's important to you to sell dlcs and the damn season pass. Are the developers just stupid or lazy? F *** you i will advise everyone not to buy this garbage! Stupid of me to have spent € 60. Saber interactive and Focus Home Interactive died for me.

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@slim5oh if you want an apology mate go invest your money in the stock market and see if you will get an apology when you lose money lol

Holy S*** people, stop complaining! jesus, this game works perfectly for some (like me) and ''badly'' for others, by ''badly'' i mean, their lights don't work, or their wheel isn't supported, or their save file gets corrupt, just wait it out, be patient with the devs, they'll get round to fixing it, the lights and wheel support are NOT urgent but they WILL get fixed, they have acknowledged there is issues, its not like they've said ''oh yeah we know about that but meh who cares?''. The save file issue is somewhat urgent but if you're on pc, just back it up, if you're on console, well i'm unsure if thats possible but still, stop hating on the devs, fixing bugs takes time, who gives a flying **** if they've released a trailer, they're just trying to spread some positivity in the community to get people excited.
You all need to be patient, we get you're angry because you've spent money on a game that isn't 100% functioning as you would like but holy s*** stop crying about it, give them chance to get it all smoothed out, Don't yell at the poor sods! they can only do what they can when they can, you all seem to forget they have a life too and probably a family. Just sit back, and eat a cookie or something 🙂

Hey maybe before giving yourselves a big pat on the back for a job well done you could actually finish the job at hand and fix your broken mess of a game?

@rubymoon90 You need to get off your high horse and appreciate that this level of dysfunction in a released game is not normal. The game should have been postponed or released as "early access". Just to give one example, what kind of offroad truck simulator is this where you can't even load cargo onto another truck? And that's just one of many issues. These aren't just bugs. The game is simply unfinished.

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@slim5oh if you want an apology mate go invest your money in the stock market and see if you will get an apology when you lose money lol

Nice apples to oranges comparison. This is a product, not an investment. If you went to McDonalds and ordered a Big Mac and they gave you a regular cheeseburger, you'd probably feel a little cheated. We didn't get in on this game as an early access release, we paid AAA money for it. I've been working in and around the software industry long enough to know that the number 1 rule the time you release ver 1.0, you better be ready to drop ver 1.05 within days. Bugs happen, but the difference between a good game and a great game is twofold: a fast response to bug reports and communication. Focus is failing miserably at both right now and there's only so much you can blame on covid.

The formula is simple...either work quickly to fix the bugs or tell us why it's now almost 3 weeks after release and our driving game is yet to get wheel support and is unplayable by many. Doesn't seem like a big ask.

@Unster works fine for me 🙂 like seriously, been playing since day one on pc and not had one bug/glitch yet so i wouldn't really say The game should have been postponed or released as "early access". tbh spintires had its bugs/glitches but i don't see anyone bitching about that, but again, not game breaking, i mean f me, i bet you expect the game to be gold plated too?. Tell you what, go on twitch tv, look up snowrunner, its got quite a few people playing it, now if the game was that bad, do you really think people would be playing it let alone streaming it?. If you're a console pleb which most people on here are, buy the game on pc 🙂 OR if you actually do have it on the far superior platform like me but you're sadly experiencing bugs, then that sucks, it really does but not everyone is experiencing what everyone else is experiencing except co op.
And i realise this post will probably piss alot of people off, but i dont really care tbh, the devs do not deserve the shit they are getting fired at them right now but ciao for now 😉

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been playing since day one on pc and not had one bug/glitch yet so i wouldn't really say

Then you really are not paying attention when you play, or you've played very little.

FYI, I'm on PC. Focus deserves all the complaints they get. They asked for it with a release like this.

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@Unster Oh i've paid attention, its the only game i own that i'm actually enjoying so i've played none stop, sorry if thats hard to believe but like i said, not everyone is having the same issues, its true, if you read one of my other posts above..the only annoyance so far is co op not working..meaning.. i have no other complaints.. i mean, if i streamed more, i would actually stream my game play so you could see for yourself 🙂

I'm a real Fan of this game.And I'm happy that it's released now,not a very months later.I'm not really having any issues in the game on ps4,except the lights\beacons on the truck and cannot leave the garage sometimes when entered,forces me to exit to main menu and jumping back in game as mentioned before.
The Devs are Grown Men and understand what they have done,and what it could do to their game in future.So they are gonna sort it out-no worries!
I know that bugs need sorting out first,but anyway it would be great to add some Voice Lines in the game at least for future DLC-Like map introduction maybe when entering one.Island Lake for example-could inform that there is no garage in that map and need to get your own supplies etc.

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Congrats, i really enjoy the game!

This post brings out some of the most negative people out there. feedback and criticism is good, but man some of these people are hateful. The game is very playable and enjoyable, some of the bugs are annoying, but most of them not game breaking.

I do wish they would add multiple save slots though, this would prevent save game corruption issues massively, losing progress after 20-30 hours is inexcusable in this day and age.



I still have trailers floating in the sky, had my games crash 4 times in an hour in singleplayer. And litterally every 10 min's in coop on island lake. My friend lost his azov 8x8, and I was less unfortunate and my Khan got duplicated.

On lots of places on the map. Very noticable on the stone slabs/rocks in the quary on Island Lake there is alot of clipping (the tires just go through solid objects) This happens more or less througout different maps. While on other occasions the vehicles seem to 'float'

On Ps4 the headlights hardly 'work' as in the physicle light is there but the headlamps themselfs.... And weirdly they turn on when the engine starts not when you turn on the lights.

And there is is more inconsistenties specially when it comes to the later vehicles in the game. (Weird wheel offsets and alltogether scaling)
But to notice those things I guess you kinda need to be a nerd.

Anyhow.. calling people negative is not the smartest thing. I instantly enjoyed the game ALOT from the start, regardless of bugs or inconsistenties.

BUT. People are just being real here.
And ultimately the 'negative' people only want a better game.

And as is right now... It show ALOT of potential. But that 'trailer'... No they havent deserved that yet. And the praises are from people who wouldnt even notice it if you put baby stroller rims on chevy. Or if you used skateboard 'trucks' as trailer axles.. if you get what I mean.

@Jellyfoosh do you have a ETA for the console steeringwheel update?

I really feel sad about all those threats to the devs. Come on, it's only $50 for the game we all have asked to be released in time. The game that will be fixed because Saber always looking after their games and because there is a whole year of content planned. I can't play the game as well, but it's totally fine to put the game on the shelf and wait for a patch, it's not the end of the world.

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@Crazybasil It's not the end of the world, but if i buy relesed game i want to play it. Not to wait no one knows how long.
If i want to play unfinished game i will buy early access game.
I understand that all games have bugs, but release game with save bugs or other major bugs it is not ok.

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@Seegeth It's not okay, but we're living in some trying times now and Saber will fix everything because they always do so. Also, it's not okay to wish some bad things to the devs because of some bugs making it to the final game.

@Jellyfoosh said in Watch the SnowRunner Accolades Trailer!:

So far we have not had a week without a patch.

That´s not only a lie, but a slap in the face of all the consoleplayers 😕

@Crazybasil Who wish them something bad? In this hard times many games are delayed and it is ok. And Snowrunner also should be delayed one or two month.