Hi all,

Description of issue: When I'm trying to traverse from one map to another I'm stuck at the loading screen. Screenshot here: loading

How did this start? I bought a new PC, installed epic games, started the game no profile found, back to old PC, started the game, the same issue, made a copy of "backupSlots" last but one from \SnowRunner\base\storage\backupSlots, to My Games\SnowRunner\base\storage\e5cf4a4703fc... on old PC, happy that game started, but another issue when I have tried to traverse to another map, "Stuck at loading between maps", not to mention that I lost many hours of play because the last backupSlots didn't work.

Additional checks:

  • If press M after G(global), I can go to another map, but to traverse with a truck the same issue: Stuck at loading between maps

Please give me some advice, how can I fix this?

Thank you,