Well I have now got Snowrunners. And first I why are the devs on the Snowrunners forum not allowing you to talk about the 2 previous games. They were amazing, just odd. Anyway I am a sim fan, so I use a G920 / Thrustmaser TH8A Shifter.

The good. The game looks amazing I it runs superb I can run it on max and not on the latest hardware and it smooth and played it for over 10 hours with no crashing and ran like a dream on single player. The detail is outstanding and the world looks so amazing and I have to say I love this game. The map is so much bigger there is a better structure and you now don't have to load if you don't want to and so can fast load. I like it, if you don't np you can use the crane as before. There are now tons of missions, things to find and secrets. So it to me feels like a fuller game than ever before. That's the good news and I have the season pass not that there is much atm for it to be worth it tbh.

Modding, yes lots of mods already and nice page and easy enough to get them in game. So great news there. I did try one but disabled it as there is a mod section so you can turn them on and off as needed.

All good new so far. Well it's not all good news. I almost refunded straight away as my wheel even though I was one of the lucky ones in that it did detect it, the force feedback is not in the game so it's like wheel not connected to anything but you do get used to it. Shifters don't work period not put in the game yet. So when people complain they say it's all coming and lets hope it is as I have now invested in the game and season pass. I didn't as yet get many bugs but other are having some issues. From what I understand gamepads are not as bad.

So why didn't I refund, because all said and done, with all the issued I had with my wheel but did get it working on a auto drive no gears I got hooked to the game in no time. The games is amazing. I love it and put 10 hours into is on day one. Sure I wish I can have my shifter working and force feedback and soon I hope but the game world looks stunning, the vehicle physics are too amazing I love watching how my input effects the vehicle. And I just found I got lost in this world. If you can't wait for it on any other platform then it's very playable now. And if you allow for the things I have mentioned you are going to have lots of fun.