I am loving the game. I have got my G920 working but the lack of ffb with my limp wheel as a result is not exactly how I predicted my experience. To add to the I have a Thrustmaster Th8A Shifter and no shifters work at present. These are basic sim requirements. I can go back on posts to hear the same old things, it's coming soon, future updates. Maybe a dev can put up a road map as there may be one I haven't looked to be honest, so maybe there not far away I don't know. For me this I nearly refunded straight away when I found out just how bad the wheel and shifter experience was. And only by giving the game a chance and seeing the new improved world so much bigger and the stunning graphics I mean this game looks incredible. And it's this that has made me map as best I can to enjoy the experience and I am. But I would love some timescale on the highlighted things being implemented into the game. As real Simulator fans on pc expect this standard.