Hello SnowRunners!

Thank you for playing SnowRunner and helping us improve the game's quality!

Please follow these few simple rules to help the developers read and understand your reports easily:

1. Before reporting a bug or a crash, make sure no one has already created a topic about it before.
If so, answer the existing topic to add your details to it (this is to avoiding flooding the forum with dozens of identical topics);

2. One bug/crash per topic.
Explain it shortly and clearly in the topic's title so anyone can easily understand it in a second, and provide more detail on how to reproduce the issue in-game in the core message.

3. DO NOT USE [TAGS] in your title.
Tags are used by the developers and support team to sort out the topics and mark them as read and treated. Using a tag will likely prevent the team from reading it.

4. Attach complementary files.
Screenshots or video are very helpful. Logs, reports and saves are the files to send to us if you encounter a crash (instructions below).
You can attach a file by clicking here:

For videos, please use an external video player or a file host.

5. In case you encounter a crash:
Please provide a detailed description on how to trigger the crash.

- On PC
If you crash on PC, please fill the crash report window that appears after the crash with what happened before it occurred and then click on Send.

Thanks for your help and support! Enjoy the game! 😉

See you in the Snow!