Upgrades don't appear on map (The Rift)

Hello when I unlock observatories in the Rift map, the animation of the observatory tell my that i discover a upgrade location, but the map doesn't show the location.
alt text
alt text

how did you get to that map iv got everything unlocked but i cant get off the first russian map

Workaround is to have a truck on either Quarry or Zimnergorsk in the live game.
I put large selection of vehicles in Quarry map.

I never thought about doing that lol I will this evening

@chipmunk197 Hello, i drop 2 vehicles in quarry before load my save game in the test server, you can try the new map but if you restart to the garage you can't come back, so I recomend you try the new map with at least one good truck for cargo, 2 slots is enought, you will made more trips for one mission but is more safe, and one powerfull scout(like yar or tatarin are the safest bets with the repair points and fuel ad-ons) and as option a third truck with a heavy crane just in case, remenber that you can't restore to the garaje, in the map there are a repairs trailer but i don't recomend you use it for your own repairs is needed for some repair missions, so if you usually need repairs bring one repairs trailer too.
Hope it help

Same here after unlocking the watchtower upgrade doesn't show up on the map.

Still a problem at PTS 5.3 and 5.4 (new Game from 5.3)

I had this bug after Rift going public. Maprunner shows the locations: https://www.maprunner.info/taymyr/rift