Hey Coaches,

We're pleased to announce that the pre-order Beta of Blood Bowl 2: Legendary Edition is now live!!

This beta will last 2 weeks, and is only for pre-orders. You can pre-order the Legendary Edition here.

Date: Wednesday August 23rd (3PM CEST) to Tuesday September 5th.

Access: Legendary Edition & Official Expansion pre-orders


To install the beta, you will need to find the Blood Bowl 2 Legendary Edition Beta in your Steam library. This is a separate application, and so you will need to install it separate to your main Blood Bowl 2 installation.

Also, progress is NOT saved from this beta. Any characters or coach progression made in the beta will be wiped at the end of the beta, and will not progress to the main game.

All Legendary Content BUT Eternal League and Challenge Mode:

  • 24 races (All races)
  • Team Editor
  • Mixed Teams
  • All-Star Teams
  • Resurrection mode - new League option.
  • Wissen Tournament (= Swiss Format) - new competition format .
  • 20 new Star Players (more than 50 in total).
  • New admin tools (ageing option in singleplayer, league blacklist, mixed AI/players league, manual seeding in competition, enhanced match administration).
  • AI/human mixed competitions.
  • League chat.
  • post-match chat.
  • Free camera mode.
  • Multiplayer pause system.
  • Many smaller improvements.
  • Bug fixes.
  • New Khemri Stadium


Your feedback about the beta is welcome! The content of the expansion is locked for now, and we're focused on ironing it out, but your suggestions will be taken into account for post-launch support. Please post your feedback on our official forum.

Thanks for helping us develop the best possible Blood Bowl video game!

See you on the pitch!
Cyanide Studio & Focus Home Interactive

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