Transporting trucks on trailers

@evilomatic Whilst its good that you can put handbrake on with trucks you drive on, in the live game one of the issuse that needs a fix, I used a flatbed and crane for some of the rescue the scouts missions. There needs to be a crane hook top center for vehicles. Also since these are not drivable, we are un able to apply the handbrake, which would be helpfull. Once I arrive at the finish area, i have to drop the vehicle and drag with a winch into the box. Would be nice to see that changed to either driving in with it on the bed, or dropped onto the ground with the crane.

This totally doesnt work still and we still need to secure them somehow, is this finally coming in phase 2?

On PTS it works. You can "pack" the cargo after having it driven / winched on a trailer.

I am actually waiting for this game changing feature since day one.
And now i really feel the need to actually not doing some map before phase 2 comes out(before I can actually straps the damn trucks properly).

That is exactly the kind of stupid shit I won't forget in the long term.

It's almost like not adding the brake to a racing game, to illustrate my point.

Can someone confirm the presence of longer trailers on Phase 2 vanilla ?
Or is it some mod ?
Because it would be very welcomed too with the straping, for vehicle transportation.

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@KSpartan said in Transporting trucks on trailers:

That is exactly the kind of stupid shit I won't forget in the long term.
It's almost like not adding the brake to a racing game, to illustrate my point.

its good you didnt played spintires and were healthier

ppl, how do you load vehicles on the new high saddle long semitrailer (introduced with imandra)?

@Stazco I don't like you neither.

Difference is, I don't post very often, and I still wish you a good day.

I completed Mudrunner 100% btw. Except the 1 star completions.


oh happy i missed all your whinings “mudrunner is a stupid shit”, “game with no brakes”

or you weren’t calling mudrunner a stupid shit (because it also didnt have option to transport trucks)?
and why you call snowrunner like that? thats the difference? 🤔

Spintires came out in 2014. It's the first title from the series. It was also pretty "unique" and fresh on the video games market.
So this some kind of "prototype" of a great idea for a video game was extremely well received by myself.

Mudrunner is a special case. I prefer to play on consoles most of the time, so I supported both the transition to a new publisher and the new platforms, even if it felt like some kind of lazy remake (of a gem thought).

Snowrunner is great, despite some regressions compare to MR. And it's my favorite game of the 3.

Between me and you, I think it's ok to point out what is wrong, or stupid, especially if it may lead to a wake up. Developpers needs support, but also harsh feedback to improve their work.
Its definitely not toxic behavior imo.
I can agree that in some cases some whinings are not particularly welcome, but I think the same about "too easily satisfied" audience which is detrimental to the quality of video games in general.

I really think it was stupid to not implement vehicle "straping" at release or asap.
Some other issues happened too.

But overall I really love this game. And I am completely ok with the idea of pesting here and there to eventually facilitating it's improvement on current iteration, and future ones.

Despites my complains, I am still very grateful for the game, and the phase 2 improvements.

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wheel chocking works but it needs more grip you hit a tree branch, bump a pole , fart to the left and it falls off .