PTS Patch Notes 22.05

@mastercap new Russian winter map is a part of a separate update, not this one

@esorokin said in PTS Patch Notes 22.05:

@mastercap new Russian winter map is a part of a separate update, not this one

Thank you for your response to my question I gladly appreciate it. But I do hope that Russian winter update does follow closely behind,because I can see that a good portion of community is going to have a issue with it being only like 3 contract missions in rift and they are going to be looking for more to do in zone that involves transporting cargo.

@esorokin so bad these updates, still transparent vehicles, something has happened to the density of mud as just getting stuck all the time and when you quit game it errors and if you click to send the report it says it can't......omg we have an unstable game then a very unstable pts that gets fixed but doesn't and creates more problems, I simply can't see a way of getting one stable patch for console. Very poor but at least you have our money. If I bought a new car I would expect it to work, If I bought a TV I would expect it to work properly when I switch it on...…...come on this is terrible.

  1. Entering and exiting map places and leave the mouse cursor in the center of the screen. PC players who drive with the controller or wheel will have to grab the mouse and move it every time they check the map.

  2. Manual winch stopped working for all vehicles in RIFT. Cant select a winch point on the vehicle.

  3. Some trucks cant be fueled or repaired, and cant use a service trailer unless it is attached to a vehicle first.

  4. Trees stabbing directly through my KOLOB 74941

Love the game!