Ol Faithful task no repair possible (Rift Map) FIXED 5.3

Game version 5.2
Save from 5.0

Task: Ol Faiithfull
Location: Rift

Upon activating the task it is impossible to repair or refuel the truck from two vehicul equiped with repair addon.
I tried with an other truck with a maintenance repair frame same issue.

SnowRunner Screenshot 2020.05.22 -

SnowRunner Screenshot 2020.05.22 -

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Confirmed with mine too. Same with "The Great Nomad"

I can also confirm that the great nomad is not letting you repair the car.

I have the same issue. It's not possible to repair the Step 310E.
It's the same issue like the quest Off-Roader in Querry (it's the same type of quest).

Me i was unable to repair a zikz of the task "Todoterreno"(i think in english is something like all terrain) in quarry, i think there are an issue with repair and refuel vehicles from tasks

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I confirm, all the job, where a vehicle must be repaired, with the exception of Tatarin, do not work, impossible to repair and supply them, tried to restart, by various means, but to no avail ...

any update for this? to have problem to repair the step.