Observations from latest 22.05 patch.
  • I test the new rift map with another player in private multiplayer, every time i or the other player, reached a watchtower zone and did remove a cloaking, the client(the other player in this case) did disconnect. So it was impossible to uncloak a map in multiplayer as every time you take a cloak at least one client is removed from the game.

  • As we moved the fist time from one map to another, all controls are lost, i can not release handbake, no use winch and nothing, that was as we moved from drowned land to quarry first time. As we move to quarry to rift it no longer happened.
    It is fixed by opening map and closeing it, that how wo got rid of it.

  • I dont know how this happened, it looked like a pink smoke puff, it seems to not came from the running engine. This screen is from my coop partner, i drive around in background and he just parked there, and this cloud appeared for like half a second or so, he said it was difficult to get a screenshot since it only happened so short. But under some conditions it did appear again.

alt text

  • Car is still floating on concrete plates; ->

alt text

  • Big rocks still problematic witch collision, wheels sink into them. If you can not get the optical rock(normal map or whatever it is) to be aligned with the collision mesh, just make simpler rocks. To have pretty rocks that look terrible when you drive over them does not make sense, it looks terrible when half the wheel is sunk into the rock.

Example ->

alt text

@Actionjackson Was going to make a post about not being able to disengage the hand break thanks for reporting that and I notice some rocks I can ghost through on rift as well

after moving, the other vehicle is invisible and the vehicle cannot be started or decelerated, two repair or refueling tasks cannot be completed, non-owned vehicles cannot be repaired or refueled, and COOP cannot be moved quickly to another region.report file and screenshot


SnowRunner Screenshot 2020.05.25 -
after displaying this window, it is not possible to confirm or reject

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The game does looks good even while it is broken, doesnt it? I may sound a little bit salty cause i am, just a tiny bit, paying 60€ to beta your game, lovely.
Maybe,.. just maybe you guys at saber should not only address the shareholders/investors with your accolades trailer but also the players that have to suffer through this "10 out of 10" mess, the players that expected a somewhat working game.
If i would not enjoy the thing when it is working once in a while 😉 , i would go and play something else and come back after you hopefully patch the game to where it should be, in like 6 months or so.

Ok with that out of the way, let me describe what happened there. I can not say much about it though.
I join a public multiplayer game, all good in the beginning, there was one player in it with heavy modified truck xml´s, extreme lift and that sort of crap. It was a client, not the host.
As i drive around, suddenly extreme FPS slowdown for about 10 seconds, after that it stops and runs normal again.
Later i come to this place and find "this", you see it on screenshots, i suspect that was responsible for the FPS drops, also on other places on the map the surface was ripped open and big and small holes did show. They did interact with the truck, so i could fall into them.

Everyone kept playing, every time i saw that one player with modified xml´s, his truck looked like a driving physics explosion, the wheels and axles and such where whirling wildly around his truck and it looked like a driving "furball" of truck parts. He probably did cheat too hard 🙂
However i do not think the dude with modified xml´s had anything to do with the broken ground and trailer but i do not know maybe he tried to hook up that trailer and thats where it happened? I did not look at the map to see who was at that trailer when it happened, i only realized later that i should have but in hindsight you always more smart 🙂

Anyways, hope you get something out of that...

alt text

alt text

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Hey @Actionjackson thanks for reporting these, this is very helpful. 🙂

collissions bugs....
We also tried the test server today. Besides the fact that our wheels with force feedback partially functioned, we also had some problems. Collissions from others who came by and therefore you fly through the air, when loading goods, the game suddenly spawns about 20 pallets ..... etc. There are some good improvements in the Game, but there are also a lot of bugs and hope they will be fixed. We continue to test and if we find something we will certainly report it.(bewerkt)

Here we see a truck where the trailer hangs vertically, there is a constant coupling sound and that there is continuous flickering of light ,,,,,,, such a truck drives past you, you are catapulted

@Jellyfoosh hey maybe this is interesting for you guys.

This time i got it!

Last post i talk about how that one dude with modified xml´s was potentially at that trailer and did break the trailer and rip open the terrain. Well this time i got it, and lol it was even the same player, i will not mention his name but just look at the names, only one is in both set of shots.
Not sure what he did to his game and/or xml´s or what is happening exactly, but i picture it.

  • On the first screen here you see the player, you see again the truck parts whirling around his truck just like i describe last time a few posts above. I make the flying parts you can see in the picture blue but it does not do it justice, there are many parts spinning around him very fast, it looks otherworldly.
    Also you can see around his truck is constant dust, it is probably from the constant breaking of terrain that happens there, at a certain distance to him my FPS got lowered but not so much as last time but noticeable still.
    In red you can see mangled trailers that have been on his truck, i think this time it was his game as most trailer i could see where mangled that way. I dont know if the guy can see the same thing as the others see about him or if it is all normal on his screen, no chat i can not talk to him.
    Anyways the guy came pick up the right trailer, this time i watch it and i went there to see and picture the result.

alt text

  • This is what it looks like after the player was there, ground totaly destroyed, about 5 to 10m radius around where his truck was. If it is important where on the map that is i can post a map screenshot and mark the positions.
    That is pretty crazy, i play 16h PTS now and only saw this happening with this specific player, not sure what he did to his game to cause this.
    You can still see him a bit through the trees, from that perspective it is "above" my truck. You also see the dust couds above him contrasted against the sky. He left a trail of destroyed ground behind him that looked like on the screen, it looked extreme as you can see.

alt text

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Loosely related, here my interpretation of these events. If you dont know the movie it does not make sense 😉

  • The Trailerthing

alt text