Vehicle Presentation - Introducing The A-969!

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@mr-t I don't think you get whole point there mate!

Please do elaborate what you are unable to do?!
I have finished all maps with 1* vehicles on hardcore, several times over.
Seeing as how multiplayer servers are mostly desolate, barely finding one or two players i cannot achieve that.
But in the few games that somehow managed to finish (without the host exiting after 5-10-15 minutes) i actually helped get across the other players.
But more to the point, please present one specific case and what you want to do and i shall walk you through step by step.

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well, seeing as you can either load a scout onto a bigger truck or at the very least tow it behind you. how can someone not be able to take a scout with them? fyi, turn the scout vehicle OFF, especially when towing through deep water.

@mr-t Ok!You start the map "Deluge" with another two players for example.So you've got 3 blue UAZ's.And you are the only one who managed to get across to unlock the 8 wheeler near the Fuel station on the other side.And like you said, most of the time players do migrate or just leave, because they are unable to do it.And there is no possible way to help those players.I mean ok- you can winch them across, but that would completely destroy their vehicle going through the deep water(It's Deluge in this example). And you cannot repair it, because you still need to unlock the garage in addition to install repair points and unlockable vehicles are not always fitted with them aswell ! I know you guys are well experienced and know some tricks,but not all players do so! I'm just giving my feedback here, that's all.
And the "Recall" function is brilliant in Single player. Since is not availble in multiplayer, I'm trying to use trailers most of the time, because then I can detach them before going to unlock watchpoints and stuff in tougher areas and attach them back on when finished.

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They must stop their engines and wait for you to ferry them across river.
This is valid for any situation including you taking your own vehicle.
This is how i cross the flooding on that map with any low capabilities vehicle.
Drive in the water, stop the engine and let the river carry me downstr) can maintain a small degree of control to angle yourself easily to the other side...even if you are flipped, chances are you will be flipped back on the wheels and continue the trip in the river until reaching shallow regions closer to the other side
Start the engines and drive away.
PS: That blue jeep is so bad. I don;t know why it gets stuck a lot more than the standard wheeled one.![0_1518555600477_20180213161721_1.jpg](Uploading 100%)

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![0_1518555617516_20180213161721_1.jpg](Uploading 100%)
Why can't i upload pictures?!
Not enough privileges?!
Thank you

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@mr-t I hope that most of the players will read our posts to get info in order to know what to do in a situations like that!
And the thing with the blue Jeep is the wheels I think.Cause I noticed that those type of wider wheels are struggling to get across rougher terrain even on Big Trucks (Like Kraz)

@mr-t You should be able to, can you try again now for us?

So this would be a longer route with the blue 4x4. I was on the wrong side of the small island whee the river splits so i ended up further down the stream, but nice and easy you swim until shallow waters and carry on.
It takes patience as you see the ingame time i needed to reach the 8x8
I will try the new A969 and see where it can cross..after i finish the valey

So the A969 is capable of crossing the flooding on the Deluge/Flood map but i have uncovered a rather nasty surprise as it seems to be very important in this case, where the currents take you away.
On keyboard + mouse we don't have QUICK WINCH like other controller methods.
What is this?!
I find myself trying to press a winching point on a moving vehicle with the camera rotating like crazy on it's own and then again trying to touch the destination point.
I feel like a drunk man trying to do juggling while skydiving.
This needs URGENT fix
I took a lot of damage from waters just trying to connect from vehicle to the log on this small island

I found out this new vehicle is lighter than the the other A-class and is more susceptible to currents, and needs more attention to steer it in the stream.
Overall is doesn't get stuck like the blue lifted 4x4 and can cross tougher situations, in less time

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The River?! aka Crossing
Easy peasy hardcore squeezy for the newest small vehicle
A969 is OP

And a short clip

This jeep is mowing down trees like a beast. (not the big adult ones, but anything smaller is getting down
Video of tree chopping

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@mr-t nice, will be waiting for the pics. lol
also, i have used the same tactic a few times myself when crossing deep water. just have to be more careful now since the water current has more force to it in mudrunner. it can turn you over fairly easily now compared to ST.

videos and photos uploaded.
The current can put you back on the right position...on this run i was turned over a couple of times and got back on my feet...hmmm..wheels.
Also the river force can push you even with shallow waters like ankle level...almost reaching the steel part of the wheels and it will drag you down slowly

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I found that you can't recall the car when it has the garage addon installed is that a bug or it is supposed to be like that?

@digidi u can recall but whatever is filled repair points/fuel will be gone when u recall it

and also probably where u trying to recall it is not suitable, u have position car properly and then recall A

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@zamal I can recall it if it has fuel or repair addons but if I install the garage parts it gives me the "something blocks the area" message when I try to recall it

@digidi yeah cause then u can park 2 cars in different garages and recall it back and forth and in 4 recall unlock garage probably they thought of that and blocked it out

@zamal that seems reasonable thanks although you can still do it with the A-986m

@digidi sorry in 7 recall my bad 😃