Editor doesn't render entire map

Odds are good it's because my gear is OLD and outdated as far as drivers and stuff goes, but the map editor seems to have a short draw distance for me. I can't see an entire map at once, which sometimes causes me some grief laying out trails and such. Any input from experienced mappers?

Can you show an example? if you zoom out too far it will not render everything.

Verify the Editor files, restart the PC as first attempts. Not sure what can be done sadly, what are your specs?

This is how far out I can zoom and keep the entire map:

alt text


That's on a 32x32 (64x64) map. If I zoom further back, I lose more of the top section of the map. Overlays and rivers and stuff still show, as you can see, just not the terrain itself...

  • AMD Phenom2 x4 920 CPU
  • 6GB PC2700 (DDR 333) RAM
  • Sapphire Radeon HD5770 1GB VaporCooled

Go ahead and laugh... XD

Seems the same distance, might be hardware but I am no expert in the Editor regarding back end stuff.

I had an 8600GT for many years, I won't laugh 🙂

It could be worse, some guy had about 2 terrain squares worth of render distance.

@mexican_420, Nope, not your system, imho. It did that to me too and it's all good now. Can't say what fixed it but I'm guessing re-installing it did the trick.

my maps look like that when i pull back. i noticed recently (other than my mistakes) that things seem a little off since the last mudrunner mod update. 1.6.7 i don't want to say this for sure, i have no knowledge on how to verify this.

@mexican_420 Better computer wouldn't hurt but I doubt it would make much difference. As soon as you get into a bigger map it starts doing stuff like this. It would be nice if you could zoom out and then render it just so you could see everything.

Would hurt the wallet right now... lol

@mexican_420 Looks pretty normal to me. Thats not even close to as bad as it's been in the past. I'd be content with that.

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