We also tried the test server today. Besides the fact that our wheels with force feedback partially functioned, we also had some problems. Collissions from others who came by and therefore you fly through the air, when loading goods, the game suddenly spawns about 20 pallets ..... etc. There are some good improvements in the Game, but there are also a lot of bugs and hope they will be fixed. We continue to test and if we find something we will certainly report it.(bewerkt)

Here we see a truck where the trailer hangs vertically, there is a constant coupling sound and that there is continuous flickering of light ,,,,,,, such a truck drives past you, you are catapulted

When I want to see the elements from a job it move me to the map. So I press "X" but it doesn't open the elements it open the map.
We also had some synchronization problems with jobs. One example: I couldn't finished the job "Fuel empty" on the map "White Valley" because for me the Chevrolet was repaired but for the host not.

Another fault with my game equipment occurred yesterday. I use a G25 with shifter and every time after I restart the game the shifter settings doesn't work. The right buttons still bind if I look in the settings but they didn't work. I must delete them and bind it again. Every other buttons work but not the gears settings after restart. Someone else have this behavior?