Why is there an NDA for a press event?

Everywhere Ive looked about the What's next de Focus event ive seen mentions that people can't say what they learn at the press event due to NDA. The same information focus has told us they will not be passing along to the rest of the community.

how does that make any sense?
I really hope I'm wrong or misunderstanding something but seriously focus do you just not care about your community at all at this point?

I don't but at this hour there is absolutly no communication about the game and the next steps. No event and no more release date!

This is pretty much a standard for closed events like this. Otherwise they would be open. NDA also does not mean that the visitors cant talk about anything they saw there. There are always some specific things that you do not want to give out to the wider public yet.

Yeah, did a bit more digging and you're right. Shame they won't even tell us how long the NDA is for. Now we know there is information, but we have no clue when they'll deign to give it to us

Ive just found out via the Focus discord that the NDA lasts a week. After that we should be able to hear from Valrak and any other game journalists that were there

They sold us the game more than one year ago.

WTF NDA at this point?

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