Game hurts the wheel?

I have heard this game hurts your wheel. Is this true? I paid a lot for my wheel and I love this game and don't wanna hurt my wheel. They say its not force feed back its just force centering which is bad they said in there thread. Just curious and I seem to burn more fuel playing with my wheel then controller just curious if anybody else noticed this.

Palying on PC or Console?
For console don't know but PC version do have FFB!
And BTW...Why you bought a FFB wheel if you are afraid to hurt it with FFB? FFB effects do stress wheels more than simple auto centering. Maybe you could disable FFB in any game to keep your wheel alive forever?
But nevertheless, can't you disable self centering in wheel controller proggie or just uncheck FFB in mudrunner?

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I'm in ps4 with the g29 I found a solution for now if I go into project cars 2 demo and set up the wheel config it stays when I switch back mudrunner. I do know what fbb back is bro this is not that it forces it back to center and Logitech said yes it is hard on the motor and spring. So hopefully the dev will give us fbb this summer I hope still love the game and even more now that I'm not taking my wheel out slowly lol

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