I’m on drowned lands and recovered a vehicle, customized it, went to leave the garage and It won’t let me! It won’t let me do anything with the A button but down where it shows you all the buttons and what they do at the bottom of the screen it shows that I’m hitting it. Tired loading in another map and going back and did nothing then I restarted my xbox and it worked once it let me take one truck out of storage then quit working so the garage is useless now basically. I’ll let me retain but not retrieve trucks. I’ve also tried several different controllers thinking it could be on my end but didn’t matter! Being that the drowned land garage is the only one you start with in Russia pretty much puts a wrap on that region. I’ve seen a few small glitches here and there but this is the first game breaking bug I’ve experienced thus far. It sucks because I really love the game. But this kinda puts a damper on things! Please look into this!