Where´s "Heavily communication" ???

Netheos - 2 Oct, 2017 - "We're still on track for a release later this year. We'll start communicating heavily about the game and the new features in the coming weeks!"

4 months after and also after Focus Press Event, there´s the same silence.

When will you stop laughing of the fanbase?

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There is abolute zero communication about the game during "What's next", this is totaly crazy !!
We were supposed to have information about release date on pc and consoles in this event

Their "Heavily communication" is on the shelf next to the respect for their customers, honesty, truthfulness, and reliability.

Here are new 34 photos form WhatsNext https://www.facebook.com/FocusInteractive/posts/10156097910817118 , nothing about SHD EE.

By Sigmar, Is that a brain in a jar...

Focus What´s Next was one week ago.

You recognize in that event you do it wrong with your silence, and you apoligize.

But your Community Manager still don´t tell us nothing so, we (customers) don´t care to you, right?

You pretend to keep us quiet till EE goes live? because EE still goes for long, several months...

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