PTS Patch Notes 26/05

When trying to carry a vehicle on a ramped trailer, the vehicle on the trailer moves with the truck. Seems like the gas / reverse is active on both the truck pulling the trailer and the vehicle parked with the engine off on the trailer. Any see this issue?

@FOXCRF450RIDER same problem in scheme D - but you can use space bar for hand brake so it was not THAT big deal...

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Silversmith Dam

Best map, without a doubt lol

I like this game, but there is too many bugs which make this game uncomfortable.
1.My biggest problem with this game is that i cant play coop on same network.
2.when i change truck, he flying around the map and when i turn off game,then truck and trailers they will remain in sky.
3.truck and trailers is ,,invisble"
4.sometimes if i will ,,touch" on vehicles, then they again flying around map Quarry and Rift map i cant complete quest like ,,repair vehicle"
this is first five big bugs (mainly first), from several others
I am always saying ,,the have luck, that i enjoy the game, because if not I would return it" 😁
really without this bugs is very good game 😉
because of this game i bought wheel (g29), so for me is very expensive game😁
Please fix it as soon as possible, good luck
And sorry for my english 😜

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Just played 1 hour with the T300 rs and it was a blast. I hope that the Thrustmaster TH8 RS will be added to please. Just as the G29 shifter has been 🙂

Its a blast!? A FFB without any kind of springs , road objects such rocks and trees on the ground or engine vibration!? Just Tyre Friction and nothing else. Its a good step in right direction but this is not good Force Feedback at all!

I agree its not 100% and nothing like say Assetto Corsa or Project cars. But when i said i had a blast with it, it felt like Spintires and mudrunner which i liked. So its personnel taste 🙂
And it could be worse. Farming Simulator has Wheel support but NO FFB which is totally stupid 😞

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@evilomatic spelin was neva my strog pont! 🤣

@Jellyfoosh le correctif sur pc mais toujours rien sur console malheureusement