Updates are a joke on pts

so bad these updates, still transparent vehicles, something has happened to the density of mud as just getting stuck all the time and when you quit game it errors and if you click to send the report it says it can't......omg we have an unstable game then a very unstable pts that gets fixed but doesn't and creates more problems, I simply can't see a way of getting one stable patch for console. Very poor but at least you have our money. If I bought a new car I would expect it to work, If I bought a TV I would expect it to work properly when I switch it on...…...come on this is terrible.

I can feel your frustration, we are many that also want this game to work.

But look at it this way. The devs, they are on the other side of your computer screen, they look at what the majority of us, the players that play the PTS is doing, they can collect data and statistics on what we experience, they collect, asses, and adress and prioritize whats needed to be done first and when and how, and also try different aproaches, who knows maybe some things went backwards when we went from 5.1 to 5.2 just for testing purpose? , you and i , have no idea what is going on insde the company where they are working hard, i bet.

Do you really think they are sitting there laughing and "haha we got'em good, screwed everyone on some serious money, on a shitty game hahahaha, well maybe not shitty after all, we sold ALOT you know, -yeah, buy lets forget the fanbase, they have nothing to say, they don't use twitter or youtube, or forums to spread negative publicity on us...or?"
Cmo'n sounds kinda silly when you put it that way right?

Take a chillpill, relax and let them do their work, i bet something good will come out of it, it's been...how long since release? not even a month.
And YES, i agree, the game should have been in a better state when released i'm not defending them in any way, just saying that things arent always what it seems, when talking about patching and what is going on behind the curtains.

Just my two cents

the game its self is pretty good iv completed the main missions but there is some major bugs on the main game and i do admit this test server is just getting worse by the update its like nobody is testing it before we get it to test i know test servers are ment to be buggy but not this bad none of the missions work or show up on the menu to do going between map with trucks or stuff on the trailer is a risk they may glitch out and sends you flying

its not hard to do internal testing

@chipmunk197 Yeah none of this stuff is happening for me on the test version. If anything its way better than live. Been playing on there instead of the regular version. There's a few bugs but it's certainly not worse.

@JonRedcorn said in Updates are a joke on pts:

Been playing on there instead of the regular version.

Same here. The test version overall is an improvement over the release version. If there are any issues chances are good they are in the release version as well. The only exception I can think of is the exiting crash. Hope they fix that soon.

@BlueZulu said in Updates are a joke on pts:

something has happened to the density of mud as just getting stuck all the time

Nope, mud behaves identically. Sometimes things are not as they seem.