Chaotic Player Pact Poll (Help me decide)

Wanted to ask the amazing and informed Blood Bowl community their thoughts on this one.

I run a league and i will not be allowing mixed races. I do however want Chaos Pact to be represented at some point. Kislev Circus and a bear with tail over claws makes me feel Slann in a future Chaos Edition is even closer to unlikely, now the naming of mixed race "Chaotic Player Pact" makes me think this maybe the closest we will get. I wish they had humans in that mix would help me with this decision.

So I turn to the community and ask, Should I allow mixed race Chaotic Player Pact as a playable race or should I hold out and hope for the real deal in the future?

There have been (forgive me if I miss one) MS-DOS version, Chaos League (not official), BB1, Nintendo DS version, PSP version, Xbox 360 version, BB1:DE edition, BB1:LE, BB1:CE, BB iOS, BB2, BB2:LE and none of them have had Chaos Pact in them. I wouldn't hold my breath that they will ever be released and just allow that one specific mixed team into whatever league you're running with the understanding they are only allowed to follow the limits of the original Pact roster.

You could always use the old rules for mixed race from 2nd edition. I believe you were to halve the maximum allowed of any race position. i.e only 1 wardancer and witch elf, or 2 orc blitzers max, etc. Could also enforce the positional maxes, like only 4 blitzers total, that sort of thing. I'm not certain the rules as they stand now will do anything but make a group of min/maxed uber teams.

thank you for the feedback. looking forward to the beta. will give me a couple weeks to experiment a bit with them before I make my choice. While it is not a race a use, I would like to one day face off against some mutated Marauders and 3 "big guys". Only time will tell

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