Community Update - 28/05

I'm hoping the 3rd gang are Orlocks.

@Typhus Didn't see any new trailer in that article?

Not much there, other than commentary on the release announcement. Still, it's something.

@NaloaC well it's strange. The video link in the article works for me on a phone but not working on a PC.

@Lovebunyip said in Community Update - 28/05:


this one worked for me.

@Typhus said in Community Update - 28/05:

@NaloaC well it's strange. The video link in the article works for me on a phone but not working on a PC.

Like yourselves, worked on mobile, did not work on PC. Also, crappy cookie settings that you can't reject.

Anyways, great to see something new! 😃

Odd that Focus wouldn't publish the video earlier themselves, rather than it going out via a single article on Polygon.

Again, I'm delighted to see new content (rendered or otherwise). Orlocks. Heavy Plasma Guns. Flamers. Toxins. Stims. Bring it on!

Well for what it's worth, I've just submitted a request to cancel my pre-order. The staunch refusal to publish gameplay videos or images for (as of this post) more than three weeks since making preorders possible has made me lose confidence in the release state of this product.


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Hahahahahahahah, company hasn't shown ANYTHING in over a year. When they do you cancel your pre-order... We'll see you back real soon I suppose🤣

@Fragilehardass It's not hard to grasp, really. When they went radio silent, there was no pre-order scheme (and I certainly wouldn't have opted into it if there were).

Then they make it available for pre-orders, and say they are going to show us, and they have a whole thing planned etc. Alright, sounds good, trailers look promising - I opt in, make the pre-order and wait.

Then once it becomes apparent that they have no desire to show us gameplay, despite a LOT of requests for it, I decide that I do not wish to support that, and cancel my preorder. Putting my money where my mouth is, as it were.

If I'm the only one cancelling my preorder, or in a small minority, then I certainly don't expect that to change anyone's mind. But maybe I'm not the only one, and if so maybe it'll make a difference, maybe not. Like I said, "for what it's worth".

And yes, like I also already said: If the situation I'm unhappy with is remedied, then why on Earth wouldn't I be back?

Focus announcement today in their Annual Results.

Necromunda: Underhive Wars, the game featuring a ruthless gang war in one of the most popular post-apocalyptic universes of Games Workshop license, will be release on consoles and PCs in the fall.

It's a shame the timeframe is slipping again so soon after announcing it would be releases in Summer 2020. I guess they didn't say which hemisphere's summer though...


I'm afraid that I'm inclined to agree. Looks great so far, but another classic GW pay full price for half a game and then keep on paying for the other half.

Feels like you should at least have van Saar and Delaque in there from the start then DLC could be Cawdor, Redemptists, Scavvies, the various cults, Arbiters and so on. That would feel like a rich game without feeling mugged off