Backpacks still clip through walls..?

Just like it says... why make a showable backpack if you can’t keep it from clipping through walls and objects? Hell even body parts are still doing it. Ffs I know I know all anyone wants is new content I get night maps are cool and all but fix the fucking problems damn...

To be fair, I feel it is common gamer knowledge to not prone up against a wall facing away, but I feel ya, and it'd be a nice fix in the future.

@Resolama1 In 2020 I should be able to probe against a wall or in a corner and not have my legs stick through said wall... just sayin...

they should remove the red zones. i also couldnt through a nade over a rock because of a collider. and the radial wheel is completely useless, it dosnt say what direction the enemy is or what objective your on. its garbage.

jump height and the volting mechanic is still janky

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