PTS Patch Notes 28/05

Please add manual gearbox and clutch with support for Thrustmaster TH8A. Amazing work, love the game.


Wegde cap of Royal BM17 doesn't work In the world

alt text

Works in polygon
alt text

And please fix that following audio noise!
I hearding a creaking noise (the sounds of the suspension do not bother me) but an unbearable "beep beep" when I ride with the Hummer H2, with headphones or not it's really horrible and it's only with the Hummer

Thanks for your work

Hey @Jellyfoosh
Would it be possible to have an option to show damage numbers all the time, not only when in the menu? It would make it a bit easier to keep track of your vehicle's starte of repair while driving arpund and taking damage from pebbles 😛